So who is this Doive bloke?

I guess that'll be me then. Right, well, where to start? The old cliche says 'the beginning', and I'm not really one to argue with old cliches, so the beginning seems as good a place as any.

I was born, rather unbelievably, a quarter of a century ago in the beautiful city of Londonderry in Northern Ireland. I grew up in the lovely little town of Omagh, right in the heart of the Sperrins. Most people have no idea where that is! Family consists of mum and dad, and one younger sister, Claire. I'd keep an eye on her though - she has a disturbing obsession with squirrels. But that's another story (only joking sis!). She's great, and probably the bravest person I know.

I left Northern Ireland all the way back in 2000 to go to uni at Heriot-Watt in Edinburgh. What a great city. Spent five years studying Electrical Engineering, many many late nights and pronounced and visible hair loss, but during that time I made a few very good and hopefully lifelong friends, and also acquired a taste for whisky. At the start of the second year one of those friends Dave 'the' Crow invited me along to one of the local churches, St. Mungos. I had been raised in church back home, but I always took it for granted and just thought it was something to go to on a sunday morning. My perception quickly changed! A place full of life, and a tangible sense of God. I became a christian that day, and I'm simply not the same person I was six years ago, my life has completely changed.

I graduated from HW back in July 2005 and spent the best part of nine months living in Dundee with friends, doing odd jobs and helping out here and there, as no engineering companies seemed even slightly interested. I desperately wanted to work in wind power, whatever that entailed, but there just seemed to be no jobs. Suddenly, and completely out of the blue, in March 2006 I had a call from a company called Econnect. A week and two interviews later I finally had a job! 18 months later I'm still there, still learning every day.

I've always had an interest in all things with an engine, from when I was very young. Apparently at two years old I was constantly asking what make and model the car in front was, much to my mother's despair! Sadly we never lived on a farm or anywhere with enough space for me to have projects, so I just read classic magazines all the time. Learned to drive at 17, eventually bought my first car on 8th December 2001 when I was 20 - a mk4 Astra 1.4 in Ruby Red. My pride and joy at the time. Washed and polished weekly, always kept in great shape.

During uni summer holidays of 2003 I managed to find a summer placement job with a company in Edinburgh, and suddenly I was being paid real money every month! This was too much to comprehend, and I simply couldn't have it sitting around. So scanning the classifieds in the classic mags, I spotted an advert: 'Vauxhall Chevette saloon for sale'. I remembered my parents used to have Chevettes before I came along, so I went for a look and just couldn't resist it once I'd had a drive.

I've been hooked on old cars ever since. It's become like an addiction. As I sit here in our back room, I have four doors, a front panel, two inner and two outer rear wheelarches, a dashboard and a full set of seats for the Chevette, and a front wing and full suspension system for the Saab. My housemates just love me. In Edinburgh we once had a set of wheels and tyres in the bath, a bumper and dashboard in the shower, and five cars in the car park - three of which were mine. If I ever actually manage to buy a farm, it will be like a used car forecourt and scrapyard all in one. Excellent.

Anyway, please take a look around my site. It's like most of my projects, never really finished and in varying states of disrepair. I get round to bits eventually. I'd love to hear from people with comments/suggestions, or just to say hello.

God bless,