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Site last updated on Saturday 18th August 2007
Welcome to the new look site. Only took me a year to get to grips with CSS. In my defence much of that time has been spent working, learning bass, modifying the Saab and tinkering with the Chevette, amongst many, many other things to divert my time and attention. Could be doing with an extra few days in the week, preferably at the weekend!

Ah yes. The Chevette. She's like a faithful old hound. Mangy, fleabitten, whiffs a bit. Slightly incontinent. But you couldn't bear to see her put to sleep. Plans are currently afoot to build a nice shed for her at the back of the house, if only I can find enough hours in the day. Once that's up I'll think about taking her apart and replacing the moth-eaten areas with nice shiny new metal.
Saab 9000
The Saab continues to delight and infuriate in equal measure. Gave her an oil change last month, nice expensive Millers 5W-40 fully synthetic, not even slightly cheap. Rewarded me by developing all sorts of new and interesting oil leaks. Yayy. Currently have a full Abbott 3" stainless exhaust on order, so no doubt she will ingest her head gasket in response to that being fitted.
Haven't been on site a great deal recently, but I've taken every opportunity I've had to take photos - some better than others. When I eventually have time to go on holiday, then I shall take a great many photos of a great many things.