1978 Rover SD1 2600S

Spotted this little beauty parked up over Christmas 2004 when visiting home in Northern Ireland. Couldn't resist stopping for a look around. Turned out the car had been sitting in this spot for some months, and the battery was completely flat. Taking a good look around the exterior revealed no rust at all in any of the usual places. The interior was 70s-tastic with chocolate velour and in really good condition, and with an indicated 80k miles on the clock. A set of jump leads and one Astra saw the engine spinning over happily, but refusing to fire. Removing the dizzy cap and breaking the points manually showed a nice fat blue spark - ah, that'll be the condensor then.
Returned the next day clutching a fresh condensor. Once fitted, with the Astra hooked up again, and the unique choke lever between the seats raised to richen the mixture, the key was turned. The big straight six spun over for what seemed an eternity, before finally catching and spluttering into life. The world's first five cylinder SD1 cleared it's throat in a cloud of smoke, and ran as rough as a bag of badgers. Checked the plug leads, but that sixth cylinder never did join in. Also, the brakes were seized. Paid the man the money and arranged to collect the car, however in the meantime I couldn't find anywhere to keep it. So I only owned this SD1 for a week. I still wish I had it. Twas a lovely car, and I will own another.